Swiss Tesla Driving Adventure

Imagine a European dream vacation: to motor the beautiful  Swiss Alps in a sports car. Magnificent mountain vistas and scenic drives. Feeling the superb handling and effortless power of a genuine supercar beneath that pedal.  The downsides of those supercars is their tiny cargo space and cramped rear seating (if they’ve even got one).

Like this Ferrari following us

But imagine if your supercar had ample luggage space (2 trunks!!), so that 2 adult couples could bring along an entire week’s worth of luggage for a ready-for-anything journey across this multi-lingual nation in the heart of Europe. But remember to bring Swiss Francs instead of € (euros).

Taking this dream up a notch, what if this week-long road trip vacation produced no tail pipe emissions; an all-electric battery vehicle could do that.  It would also allow enjoyment by quietly swooshing along scenic valleys and steep switchbacks without any engine whine or gear changes.

The dream vacation described above is ONLY possible in a Tesla Model S all-electric sedan with a typical range of 250 or more miles on a single charge in the larger battery versions and seating for 5 adults and 2 trunks AND acceleration like a Porsche 911.  Choosing a Tesla for your vacation rental also helps promote the urgently needed renewable energy industry.  In a Tesla you will arrive in style to each of the clean, tidy hillside Swiss villages because of its sleek curves and modern iPad touch screen interior.  Fortunately Teslas ARE available for rent in Europe from the big name European car rental agencies, like EuropCar, making such a dream vacation possible.

Tesla Model S Rental in Zurich

This dream is what got us started on the idea to rent a Tesla for a weeklong sojourn throughout Switzerland.

The adventure begins in Zurich, Switzerland on the 4th of September with a rental of a Tesla Model S from EuropCar. While planning the trip we designed a car decal that states Tesla’s mission, “Accelerating the world to sustainable energy,” in three languages in order to highlight our Swiss Road Trip or “Ausflug Suisse.”  The car-safe decal was printed by “Sticker Genius” on “Genius Vinyl”.

We hope to have a great adventure together in a breathtaking setting, but we also hope to make a positive impact on Tesla’s mission by spreading the word to businesses and people along the way, that electric cars are coming and that it is in their own best interest to be prepared. On this trip we would like to meet other Tesla owners to expand the Tesla family network and learn from each other.   Finally, we also hope to show others that it is feasible (and even advantageous) to plan a trip that includes renting a Tesla. To that end, through this blog we plan to share our knowledge about EVs (we are owners since 2012 and 2013) and our experiences in this journey.

Our first stop in Zurich was the Tesla Store where Lee, Martina, and Marco enthusiastically welcomed us to Switzerland and importantly showed us how to change the language setting from German to English (a difficult task if the settings are all in German!).

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