Hotel Valet Dents the Model S

One would think that a day scheduled with a chocolate factory tour complete with an all you can eat chocolate buffet would be the perfect day. However, after waking up for the second day in a row at a luxury hotel with no hot water (yes we all took cold showers for 2 days in…… Continue reading Hotel Valet Dents the Model S

Dream Vacation Come True

Two couples spent 6 wonderful days exploring Switzerland in a rented all-electric Tesla Model S.  In total we drove 750 miles (1200 km) in a car that was easily able to handle the steep mountain roads, capturing their potential energy on  the downhills and enjoying the powerful acceleration on the uphills.  Over the course of…… Continue reading Dream Vacation Come True

Visit to See Matterhorn

To see the Matterhorn by car, you must park in Tasch which is 7 km (4 miles) from Zermatt and is the base camp for excursions.  From Tasch we took a taxi to Zermatt, but there is also a train.  For about $100 per person we purchased the Matterhorn Glacial Paradise package.  This gets you to…… Continue reading Visit to See Matterhorn

“Fueling” the Battery During Road Trip

We have had no problems thus far traveling around Switzerland with our 255 miles of range (when charged to 95%).   The lowest our battery got was 79 miles.  We traveled without range anxiety due to a combination of superchargers and overnight destination chargers.  We also used free public chargers twice while parked during day activities (since…… Continue reading “Fueling” the Battery During Road Trip

Low tire pressure warning prevents flat tire

The morning after our first day of driving the Model S, the car gave us a low tire pressure warning for the right front (35 psi). We found an air pump at a local gas station (yes, driving to a gas station was something we didn’t think we’d need to do).  It was a fancy…… Continue reading Low tire pressure warning prevents flat tire

Tesla’s Growing Popularity in Switzerland

Tesla electric vehicles are catching on faster here in Switzerland than in most other parts of Europe.  In the 2nd quarter of 2016 this small nation surpassed Germany in sales.  Switzerland has a dozen Tesla Stores and Galleries. In comparison, the state of New Jersey has just 3 stores. An abundance of supercharger locations in…… Continue reading Tesla’s Growing Popularity in Switzerland

Walk Through Rhone Glacier – Do It Before It’s Gone

Rhone Glacier is receding rapidly due to global climate change.  Immediately after the Swiss Tesla Owners Club luncheon, members Frederick and Gisela drove with us to the Rhone glacier, 15 minutes away.  It is a tourist attraction with an entrance fee of 7 CHF because someone has carved a long cave or grotto into the ice.…… Continue reading Walk Through Rhone Glacier – Do It Before It’s Gone

Lunch with Swiss Tesla Owner’s Club

We thank Swiss Tesla Owners Club organizers for allowing us to attend their event.  The 40 or so members present were friendly and welcoming.   We enjoyed meeting the other Tesla owners and sharing stories.  Good to see such enthusiasm.  They have over 45 events per year.  At this one they had spent Saturday night at…… Continue reading Lunch with Swiss Tesla Owner’s Club

The Auto Train

On Sept 4th, at the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich we  applied the road trip decals before starting on our way to the Swiss Tesla Owners Club (STOC) roadtrip lunch at the Hotel Restaurant Landhaus in Munster VS. However, we were about to have un unexpected surprise. We were due to arrive with plenty of…… Continue reading The Auto Train

Smart and S3XY: Rent a Tesla

Picked up our Grey Tesla Model S 85D on Sept 4th from the rental agency in Zurich near the main train station.  Walking up to the storefront it wasn’t hard to realize that they rent Teslas; this is real, not photoshop!  Hard not to pose in front of that window.  The car was already charged to 250…… Continue reading Smart and S3XY: Rent a Tesla