The Auto Train

On Sept 4th, at the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich we  applied the road trip decals before starting on our way to the Swiss Tesla Owners Club (STOC) roadtrip lunch at the Hotel Restaurant Landhaus in Munster VS. However, we were about to have un unexpected surprise.

Pre-cut decals printed on Genius Vinyl from a company called Sticker Genius

We were due to arrive with plenty of time for the 12:15 lunch when we hit a major traffic jam.  The computer navigation system led us off the highway through some small towns and eventually to the shortest route: an unnamed road according to Google maps. A bit strange we thought; the first inkling that something was unusual was a barrier asking for a ticket.  Now we were sure we were going to be late for the lunch! Turns out it was an auto train that takes cars through a tunnel to the other side of the mountain, used especially in winter when the mountain roads are closed.

One way auto train ticket

We bought a ticket with 3 minutes to spare before departure, drove onto the flatbed railcars, applied the parking brake, and marveled at the fantastic unplanned adventure and our good timing.

On the Auto Train

After a 30 minute train ride in a dark tunnel, we arrived on the other side about 6 km from the restaurant. We arrived right on time as the STOC members were also arriving from the opposite direction.

With Stephan Schwarz at the Swiss Tesla Owners Club lunch

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