Visit to See Matterhorn

To see the Matterhorn by car, you must park in Tasch which is 7 km (4 miles) from Zermatt and is the base camp for excursions.  From Tasch we took a taxi to Zermatt, but there is also a train.  For about $100 per person we purchased the Matterhorn Glacial Paradise package.  This gets you to the top of Klein Matterhorn which is next to the big Matterhorn for views of snowy mountains in Switzerland and Italy along with glaciers.  It is said to be the highest cable car in Europe at 12,700 ft (3880 m). The Matterhorn has such an iconic shape.  It is distinct from most other mountain shapes.  It is visible in all its majesty from the town of Zermatt which is quite charming with its wooden Alpine chalets.  It also has no combustion engines.  Taxis from Tasch drop you off at the edge of Zermatt where you can walk or take an electric bus or electric taxi around town.  All the motor vehicles in Zermatt are electric, including the trucks.  This makes the streets in this tourist town much quieter than most towns.  See photos below.

Electric taxi
Electric truck







Parking lot at Tasch train station
Tesla supercharger in Martigny

Tasch is just 87 miles (139 km) from our hotel in Montreux and the trip took under 2 hours. There is a Tesla supercharger on the main highway.  We parked at the pay lot at the train station in Tasch and there happened to be 6 EV slots which charged  for free at a rate of 30 miles per hour to top off (though not necessary).



Windmill at supercharger Martigny

The last cable car down from the top is at 4 pm.  We had a wonderful day!!

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