Walk Through Rhone Glacier – Do It Before It’s Gone

Rhone Glacier is receding rapidly due to global climate change.  Immediately after the Swiss Tesla Owners Club luncheon, members Frederick and Gisela drove with us to the Rhone glacier, 15 minutes away.  It is a tourist attraction with an entrance fee of 7 CHF because someone has carved a long cave or grotto into the ice. Brilliant blue color ice surrounds you as you walk through it.  Educational signs explain that the ice is receding at an alarming rate.  Since 1900 it has receded 1400 meters (over a mile). In another 75 years it is predicted that the entire glacier will be gone.   Perhaps if there is progress on transitioning to carbon neutral energy sources, climate changes will be less radical.

Vivianna with Gizela (Swiss Tesla owner) approaching Rhone Glacier.  (within past century it covered all the area where green plants are absent [on left]).
With Frederick heading up to Glacier


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