The Auto Train

On Sept 4th, at the B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich we  applied the road trip decals before starting on our way to the Swiss Tesla Owners Club (STOC) roadtrip lunch at the Hotel Restaurant Landhaus in Munster VS. However, we were about to have un unexpected surprise. We were due to arrive with plenty of…… Continue reading The Auto Train

Smart and S3XY: Rent a Tesla

Picked up our Grey Tesla Model S 85D on Sept 4th from the rental agency in Zurich near the main train station.  Walking up to the storefront it wasn’t hard to realize that they rent Teslas; this is real, not photoshop!  Hard not to pose in front of that window.  The car was already charged to 250…… Continue reading Smart and S3XY: Rent a Tesla

Visit to Tesla Store in Zurich

We arrived in Zurich by plane on September 3rd and visited Tesla store while walking in old town Zurich.  Turns out it was the first store in Switzerland: it’s been there since 2009.  We met four members of the sales team; all very nice and helpful. They speak English well.  They showed us how to change the primary…… Continue reading Visit to Tesla Store in Zurich